BJP National General Secretary (ORG) Shri Ramlal Ji Launching BJP National President, Shri Amit Shah Ji's Official Website At 11, Ashoka Road

BJP National President Shri Amit Shah Ji’s website has been launched today by BJP National General Secretary (Organization), Shri Ram Lal Ji.

Speaking on this occasion, Shri Ram Lal Ji said that Hon’ble President has accomplished successfully various responsibilities in the organization and in the government, he has the strong ideological clarity, profound organizational skills and has a noetic intelligence and good understanding of the politics. He said, BJP President has been quite successful in running the organization smoothly and unparalleled victories in various polls tell the story. Shri Ram Lal Ji said, BJP President Shri Amit Bhai Shah Ji has been succeeded to establish better coordination between organization and the government, able to forward the feedback of the people to the government and he has been successful in reaching innovative measures taken by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji led government for the welfare of the poor, oppressed and underprivileged people and for the development of India to the public with the participation of party workers.

He said, it is the result of the vision of BJP President that the Party is now the World’s largest political party with more than 11 crore membership. He said, this achievement is the epitome of the innovative use of missed call and online initiatives, continuous review of the campaign and the organizational skills of BJP President Shri Amit Shah. He said, not only this, he has also worked to change the newly formed party members into the active party workers via Maha Sampark and Maha Prashikshan Abhiyan.

BJP National General Secretary (Organization) Shri Ram Lal Ji said the website of President, Shri Amit Shah, has been launched with an objective of the expansion of the organization and to reach the ideology and feelings of BJP President to the every workers of the party in an easy way and I hope that this website will be able to meet its goals.

On this occasion, BJP President Shri Amit Shah said that the website is a way of communication between me and the people of the country, party workers and the media. He said, my belief has been in dedication more than strength and that is my inspiration.

Shri Amit Shah said, I believe that through this website, I would be able to establish to communicate in more accessible ways between me and the public and party workers so that the people could relate more easily with Shri Narendra Modi’s public welfare and the party ideology.

Earlier, The BJP National Secretary Shri Shrikant Sharma has discussed over various public welfare schemes initiated by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi led government in detail and highlighted the glorious saga of the BJP under the efficient leadership of Shri Amit Shah.

(En. Arun Kumar Jain)
Office Secretary

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