Falsely implicated by UPA government in an Encounter Case


Under leadership of then Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Amit Bhai severely dented Congress party’s prospects in the state and practically wiped it out from the state. As a result, Amit Bhai became prime target of the Congress Party. During Amit Bhai’s tenure as home minister of Gujarat, a dreaded terrorist Sohrabuddin Sheikh was gunned down by the State police. Sensing an opportunity and driven by political vendetta, the Congress led UPA government at the centre, framed charges of fake encounter against Amit Bhai. It’s worth noting here that during this period, 1200 encounter cases were recorded nationally and 19 case occurred in Gujarat. However, due to Congress’ intent of political vendetta, all 19 cases of Gujarat and just one case from remaining 1189 cases were selected for the inquiry. Amit Bhai was even sent to prison. When he was granted bail after 90 days, the court observed that “There is no prima facie evidence against Amit Shah.” Despite the bail, Amit Bhai had to stay out of Gujarat for two years. In 2015, a special CBI court acquitted Amit Bhai of all charges with a remark “entire case was politically motivated”.