• Despite long absences from his assembly constituency due to the number of commitments at the state and national level his bond with his people remained undiminished and he kept his commitment to work for their upliftment. A proof of his unwavering popularity with the voters is proven by the fact that his margin of victory in each assembly election has consistently risen.
    • He won the first election by a margin of 24,689 votes that rose more than 5 times to 132,477 votes in the next election. He won his third and fourth term with record margins 288,327(approx 12 times) and 232,823 votes respectively.
    • After delimitation, Amit Bhai’s new assembly seat was Naranpura which had just one forth the number of voters as compared to his previous assembly Sarkhej. However, he still won the election by a huge margin of 63,235 votes. Despite being just MLA with a meager Rs.50 lacs as MLA grant, he mobilized thousands of crores from AUDA, state government and other sources to ensure the development of his constituency.
Examples of the pioneering work done by him as MLA include the following:
  • Amit Bhai’s assembly constituency is the second largest in the state and is made of three talukas. The ground water in this entire area was severely polluted by fluoride contamination that led to spread of diseases and ailments among its residents. On becoming the MLA, Amit Bhai’s first step was to tackle the problem of drinking water on a war footing. An amount of Rs.1400 crore was spent and clean drinking water was delivered in the entire constituency after years of neglect and scarcity.
  • Amit Bhai has firm belief in the power of youth and the crucial role that sports play in shaping their personality and channelizing their energy. He developed a modern sports academy in his constituency to encourage sports among the youth. Today, facilities to play a variety of games including badminton, table tennis, swimming, skating, volleyball and cricket are available at the academy.
  • As a step to safeguard the environment, Amit Bhai developed 75 gardens in his assembly constituency and facilitated plantation of more than 1.25 lakh trees to improve ambient air quality and provide a green cover.
  • He also spent Rs.80 crores to construct 30 km of drains to address the problem of water logging.
  • Understanding the importance of water conservation, he facilitated construction of water bodies along with rain water harvesting structures to conserve water.
  • Solid waste management has also been his priority as he introduced door-to-door collection of household garbage and constructed solid waste management plant for effective recycling.
  • During Amit Bhai’s tenure, a number of flyovers, underpass, bridges, and a ring road were constructed to ensure smooth flow of traffic. This initiative not only brought down the traveling time significantly but also helped bring down pollution levels.
  • His constituency did not have even a single crematorium causing a lot of problems to locals. Feeling the plight of people he facilitated the construction a modern crematorium giving relief to thousands of families.
  • He executed a number of beautification projects including ‘fountains and Gaurav Path’in thickly populated areas.
  • He is also given credit for rehabilitating thousands of slum dwellers and beautification of land cleared by removal of slums.