Press: Salient Points of Speech Shri Amit Shah at Rally in Jind (Haryana)

BJP will win by two third majority in Haryana: Amit Shah

Amit Shah addressed a huge public rally in Jind, Haryana

Shah called for a congress free, BJP ruled Haryana

In the presence of Shri Shah many top leaders joined BJP

Bharatiya Janta Party National President Shri Amit Shah said today that the BJP will win by two thirds majority in the forthcoming Haryana assembly elections.

While addressing a large public rally here Shri Shah said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given the slogan of a ‘congress mukt Bharat’ before the Lok Sabha polls. As a first step towards a Congress free India, Congress has been wiped out and the 130 year old party has reduced to such a state that they are clamoring for the position of a Leader of Opposition. The public has not only voted the BJP into majority but taken away the position of opposition from the congress party.

He said that second phase for a Congress free India will be the upcoming assembly elections in 4 states. Maharashtra, Jammu-Kashmir, Jharkhand and Haryana have Congress government. The day people will give their verdict, Congress will be wiped out from these four States. After these elections the country will not only be Congress free but BJP ruled.

Shri Shah said that due to fear of losing the Haryana Chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda can start garnering votes by taking support of casteism. But I would like to inform him that may it be western Uttar Pradesh or Haryana, the trailer is over and now the movie is going to start. In the Jat dominated areas Lotus is blooming. The same results will again be repeated in Haryana. Shri Shah said that when Hooda comes to power he does corruption and Chautala comes into power goons increases. One comes, he gives the land of the farmers to the industrial houses, the other comes and he forcefully snatches away the land.

He appealed to the people that the central government is under the leadership of Narendra Modi. The modi government has started a drive for the development of this nation. The way Haryana was a major contributor in the green revolution it should lead in the development of the nation and that Haryana should get completely involved in the development under the leadership of Narendra Modi

He said that in the upcoming elections the BJP government shall be formulated with a two thirds majority in Haryana. The way people are joining the BJP is a clear indication of that. The circumstances are such that the congress party will have to give an advertisement for searching a candidate.

Birendra singh and many other ex-ministers have joined the BJP with their supporters. On this occasion Haryana BJP leader Ramvilas Sharma, Captain Abhimanyu and various other BJP senior leaders were present. He expressed his gratitude towards the youth power.

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