Press: Shri Amit Shah on Initiating Haryana Election Campaign

BJP National president Shri Amit Shah Addressed the Vijay Sankalp rally

BJP national president Shri Amit Shah today kicked off the election campaign for the Assembly elections 2014 while addressing the Vijay sankalp rally fromMahendragarh.

The BJP national president in his address said that Haryana and Shri Narendra modi ji have a very old relationship. Shri Naredra modi ji has been the incharge of Haryana and that the BJP has decided to contest in 8 seats out of which you have already given your verdict in 7 Lok Sabha seats. On the basis of these under the leadership of Modi ji the BJP was able to form a government with complete majority at the center. Friends, I appeal to you that in the same way you walked with us to help us secure full majority in the upcoming Haryana assembly elections like our victory at the centre.

Friends if the present Modi government had agreed with the decision made at the WTO as approved by the previous Congress regime, which used to garner votes in the name of the farmers, then the plight of farmers would have been even worse. Modi ji put the interests of the famers on top and did not bow down before the powerful nations. Because we believe that the interests of the farmers are foremost important than the applauds from the countries of the world. The people of Haryana wants freedom from the bad governance of HUdda ji and Om Prakash Chautala ji because when Hooda ji comes into power the number of scams increases and when Om prakash chautala ji comes into power the number of goons and extortion cases increases. Today Haryana is facing the most injustice for its Dalit and Scheduled castes. The youth is unemployed. Water in the fields, electricity and drinking water in the state are one of the foremost problems. But the current government is unaware of all these problems.

Friends Haryana is the state of soldiers. In every third house a youth is abiding the responsibility of defending the borders of this country. The history of this place ia a history of pride. The current Hooda government has tainted Haryana through corruption and various land scams. The price of the land in the states escalated but the benefit of that was not given to the farmers but to middlemen in power. This state used to be the pride of the nation, but now it has becomes a mine for land scams because the current chief minister kept ignoring the interests of the people and farmers. and were busy making the congress darbar happy. Shri Shah appealed to the people to make Haryana Congress free.

Shri Shah said that Friends, the vast crowd that is front of me and the amount of respect I have received on the way is proof that the opinion of the public is clear Hooda government's time is up. The states people have already made up their mind for change because Hooda has ignored the agriculture based Haryana, which at a point in time was going hand in hand with its neighbor state Punjab in terms of agriculture produce but now the same state's farmer is poor and powerless. There is no electricity and water for the fields. As a consequence the agriculture development is also low. Friends we want Haryana to grow. We want Haryana to be governed by law. Which is why I appeal to you that you create a government in Haryana with a clear majority, so that so that we can bring back the lost honor of Haryana. So that we can increase the agriculture development rate of Haryan, so that we can solve the problem of Water and electricity.

Amit shah appealed in the name of nationalism to establish a BJP government at the centre and said that the BJP will work in the interests of the farmers of Haryana and will fulfill the promises it makes.

Talking about the electoral alliance Shri Shah said that the people of Haryana had given its verdict on 7 Lok Sabha seats out of 8 seats in Haryana. Honoring that verdict alliances will be made in that ratio and if the need arises then the BJP will contest on all the seats by itself. On this occasion senior leaders of various parties accepted the membership of the Bhartiya Janta Party and without any hesitation pledged to rid Haryana of scam and extortion, goons and make it BJP ruled.

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