Press: Shri Amit Shah While Inaugurating “Karyakarta Prashikshan Abhiyan” at NDMC Convention Centre


BJP National President, Shri Amit Shah Ji inaugurated the National Trainers workshop of the MAHA PRASHIKSHAN ABHIYAN to train more than 15 lakh members of the party. He stated that MAHA PRASHIKSHAN ABHIYAN is a very important and very significant effort for achieving the future goals of the party.

He appreciated that there was representation from every single corner of the nation in the workshop. 352 party leaders are attending the two day training program. It is the third lap of the three fold program of the party which started with the MAHA SADASYASTA ABHIYAN followed by MAHA JAN SAMPARK ABHIYAN and finally MAHA PRASHIKSHAN ABHIYAN.

Shri Amit Shah emphasized that the membership drive which helped in enlisting 11 crore new party workers is not just to create a machinery for winning elections but also to create a group of karyakartas who would be committed to work for creating a true welfare state in India based on the principles of the party ideals. The karyakartas of the party also are expected to spread the ideology of the party and participate in the nation building process.

Shri Amit Shah ji said that political parties were usually formed or have originated due to some revolution, or as a result of a movement against certain issues, or as instruments for attaining political powers. But the Bharatiya Jan Sangha or late the BJP was formed with the great purpose of nation building. The party was conceived after India’s independence when it was seen that most of the policies formulated or followed were inspired and derived from a Western orientation or perspective instead of basing themselves on the Bharatiya ethos.

The party President said that the three campaigns were conceptualized when it was felt that there is a need for expanding the party. He also added that no other party has such a dedicated karyakarta base, as has BJP, with the single aim of nation building.

BJP plans to make training of new as well as old workers a regular process so as to inculcate the orgaisation’s ideology, ideals and values among the grass root level workers. He mentioned that the BJP was the only party which had not split because it has a strong ideological foundation.

He recalled and reminded the attendees that every agitation and movement by the party has been in support of peoples’ and national issues. Shri Amit Shah Ji also mentioned that BJP is not an individual or family oriented party and therefore it has a proper of system of regular elections from lower to national levels.

The expansion of the party geographically as well as through numbers of karyakartas will be a significant development in the party’s life. Hence it is more important to train every worker and help in their overall development so that they can contribute to nation building. Trained workers will lead the party in their respective regions in a much better and efficient way. The effects of training have also helped the party in winning mandates in state after state.

He also reminded those present that there has to be an outreach towards every single worker by party leaders. Such a massive outreach will activate and energise every single well-wisher to become a dynamic party activist.

The MAHA PRASHIKSHAN ABHIYAN targets to train more than 15 lakh party members within 4 months through training programmes from mandal to national levels. Shri Amit Shah ji mentioned that such an attempt of training 15 lakh political workers in such a brief period is first of its kind undertaken by any political party.

He also appreciated the efforts put in by the team of MAHA PRASHIKSHAN ABHIYAN under the leadership of party National General Secretary Shri Muralidhar Rao. He urged the leaders from different states to emulate the design of the national workshop in all aspects and develop training programmes in their respective states. The MAHA PRASHIKSHAN ABHIYAN will also be a huge success and help the party expand itself to new areas and communities, he said.

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