Press: Shri Narendra Modi Addressing Election Rally in Chandwa (Jharkhand)


The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today addressed an election rally in Chandwa in Jharkhand. He said he felt fortunate to be addressing an election rally in a small Panchayat of Jharkhand. He said the huge gathering was indicative of the mood of the people. Shri Narendra Modi said this also showed that the people of this country were no longer going to tolerate corruption and nepotism.

The Prime Minister said those who have virtually accepted that they cannot win, have now resorted to politics of assassination. He paid homage to a party worker Priyaranjan Paswan, and his bodyguard, who lost their lives in a recent act of violence. He said bullets need to be answered by ballots. He said India's democracy was a model for thewhole world, and nothing should be done to harm it. He said violence had no place in politics or society.

He appealed to the misguided youth to give up the gun which could turn the earth red, and instead pick up the ploughshare, which will turn the earth green. He invited youth to join the development mainstream. He said we need to turn the earth green, not red. He praised the courage of the people who had come to this rally, saying such a "jan sailaab" (sea of humanity) could not be seen even in cities.

The Prime Minister said previous state governments were guilty of keeping the people poor, despite the state being rich in natural resources. He said development is the only cure for all problems being faced by the people. He thanked the people of Jharkhand for giving him unprecedented support in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

He said he had promised the people during his last visit, that he would launch a scheme to help provide irrigation to farmers. He said the NDA Government had launched the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana towards this end.

He said the last six months had seen a mood of optimism across the country. The Prime Minister referred to his recent visit to Australia, saying he had the interests of India's farmers in mind during the visit. He had engaged with scientists in Australia, on boosting agricultural productivity.

The Prime Minister said he was focused on providing basic amenities such as toilets for all, and dignity for women. He said even the United Nations was taking note of this initiative to build toilets.

Referring to the threat of an earlier state government that they would not allow any minister from the Central Government to enter the state, he said it was now time for the people of Jharkhand to decide that they would not allow leaders who issued such threats, to win elections.

He also spoke about the NDA Government's Pradhan Mantri Jandhan Yojana to ensure financial inclusion for all. He said 7 crore new bank accounts had been opened under this scheme.

He called upon the people of Jharkhand to give him a chance to serve the people. He urged people to give the BJP a full majority in the state Assembly elections, to give him a chance to serve the state, and deliver on his promise of development.

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