Press Statement Issued by BJP National President, Shri Amit Shah on Uri Attack

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Statement by President of BJP Shri Amit Shah on Uri & Terrorism

The Bharatiya Janata Party strongly condemns the terrorist attack on the Indian Army camp at Uri in J&K. 18 brave soldiers have lost their lives in this dastardly and cowardly attack. We pay rich tributes to all the departed souls and convey condolences to the near and dear of the deceased. Country is determined to give a befitting reply to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. Terrorism is a big challenge to democracies and the civilised world. It is the biggest violator of human rights. If terrorism becomes the instrument of state policy then it needs to be described as no less than a war crime.
Pakistan is today openly supporting and sponsoring terrorism as a state policy. India has been a long time victim of this policy of Pakistan. In the last decade and half we have endured several major and minor terrorist attacks, the latest beingUri. Even the militant separatist movement in J&K is also a creation of Pakistan only.
The speech of Nawaz Sherif, Prime Minister of Pakistan at the UNO is a testimony to the fact that Pakistan is openly advocating terrorism in the world. The unqualified support voiced by PM of Pakistan in his UN speech to the UN-proscribed terrorist outfit Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) by openly invoking the names of the terrorists of that organisation and describing them as ‘peace-loving youngmen’has shocked the entire world.Pakistan spends billions of dollars from its budgetto funding, equipping and training terrorists on its soil and exporting them into many countries in the world. Thus Pakistan, over the years, has emerged as the global terror hub.
The BJP appreciates the strong resentment and anger of the entire nation against the perpetrators of the Uri terrorist attack. This anger was not just an outburst of the sentiments of the people; it is a result of the pent up frustration at the repeated cowardly misadventures of our neighbour.
The BJP and the central government have from the beginning adopted ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy towards terrorism. We shall give a strong response to defeat the designs of the terrorists. As a result of the strategic and aggressive response from the central government 117 terrorists have been neutralised in last 8 months. It is comparatively very high in the recent past. In the last 8 months terrorists have attempted 17times to violate our borders and infiltrate into India which was successfully foiled by our security forces. Uri attack isa result of their frustration only. It is a long drawn battle thrust on us by our neighbour. Uri is only a temporary setback, the final victory will be ours. The Prime Minister has promised that the perpetrators shall not go unpunished.
The BJP supportsthe diplomatic offensive launched by central government against Pakistan after the Uri incident.Through these efforts the government has succeeded in exposing the true face of Pakistan’s policy of promoting terrorism before the world and isolating Pakistan globally. This battle may be a protracted one; but we shall fight it to the finish. We are confident that our Army will have the final victory.
The BJP appeals to the countrymen including all political parties to stand firmly behind our government and the security forces in the decisive battle against terrorism.

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