Press Statement Issued by BJP National President, Shri Amit Shah

Press Statement released by BJP President Shri Amit Shah

Expressed welcome of the special package of Rs.1.25 lakh crores with a total of Rs.1.65 lakh crores including 40,000 crore rupees allotted for already running schemes announced by Shri Modi government to Bihar
Bihar should became a self-reliant state: Amit Shah
If growth potential and capabilities of Bihar given the right direction, it will not only strengthen the state but also the entire country: Amit Shah
Opposing inexplicably this package obsessed with party politics mentality for political gains is unfortunate: Amit Shah

BJP President Shri Amit Shah has welcomed the announcement of special package of Rs.1.25 lakh crores with a total of Rs.1.65 lakh crores including 40,000 crore rupees allotted for already running schemes by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to Bihar.

Shri Shah said that there is a huge possibilities of development in Bihar. Not only this, there is unlimited potential in people. If these possibilities and capabilities met in the right direction then it will develop not only the people of Bihar but it will also strengthen the country. He said that the central government led by Modi Ji is committed that all the resources should be made available to all the eastern states of India including Bihar so that the inclusive development become possible of the region and the country can move forward.

He said that Hon'ble Prime Minister has granted a comprehensive economic package to establish Bihar in the list of developing states o that the state could become a self-reliant state, to provide jobs for the younger generation and everyone will be able to achieve all-round development opportunities whether it will be farmers, laborers, women, downtrodden or backward class.

BJP President Shri Shah said that in this package approved by the center, special attention has been given to the masses of Bihar for their basic needs - power, roads and water. The priorities have been focused on roads, railways, airways, waterways and digital connectivity for the development of Bihar in this package so that it would lead to rise industries in Bihar, the youth would have the opportunities of employment and the farmers would get the maximum returns on their products.

Rs.54,713 crores have been allotted for the development of national highways, construction of bridges on rivers, railway overbridges etc and the planning to construct 22,500 km of roads has been approved under Pradhanmantri Gram Sadak Yojna. Development of the airports of Gaya, Purnia and Raxaul including a new airport in Patna has been proposed to connect Bihar with different regions at home and abroad. On the other hand, announcement has been done to establish Technology park in Darbhanga and Bhagalpur undher Digital Bihar program, to provide facility for skill development, to establish skilled university and to establish an IIM in Bodh Gaya.

Energy production for revolutionary changes in power system, transmission and distribution system in Bihar has been emphasized enough in this package. A new power generating station of 1,300 MW is proposed in Buxar. Special attention is given in the field to better the life by bringing electricity to villages in Bihar, to provide better fuel facilities to women, to provide health facilities to the people of Bihar, to develop new tourist destinations for better job opportunities, to implement the process to make the youth self-reliant through new industrial investment, to apply special attention to better ongoing social security schemes, to provide bank loans to entrepreneurs, to clean schools, to construct toilets etc.

Shri Shah said that the steps taken by the Centre for the development of Bihar, if the state government implement this in right direction then Bihar will soon grow rapidly on the growth path and Bihar will secure special partnership in country's development and it prevent the exodus of youth and labour power from the state.

But the political paries especially JD(U) and RJD obsessed from party politics mentality is inexplicably opposing this package for political gains, they are not opposing only the package but also the development of Bihar and it is unfortunate. Shri Shah said that the people of Bihar should consider this that how the development of Bihar is possible when these political parties oppose such steps which has been taken for the development of the state by the centre? The people of Bihar will hard back and retort on these parties in coming election.

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