Salient Points of Speech by Shri Amit Shah Addresing a Public Meeting at Saraikela & Baharagora, Jharkhand

Salient points of BJP National President Shri Amit Shah’s public rallies at Saraikela and Behragouda assembly constituencies in Jharkhand

BJP National President Shri Amit Shah addressed huge gatherings in Saraikela and Behragouda in Jharkhand.

While addressing a huge election rally in Behragouda assembly constituency Shri Shah thanked the people of Jharkhand for giving emphatic victory to the BJP in Lok Sabha elections 2014. Shri Shah said during the general elections BJP workers came to Jharkhand to seek the blessings of the people. People of Jharkhand blessed the BJP and party won 12 seats out of 14 seats. Shri Shah said it was clear at that time that what is going to happen in the elections. In Lok Sabha elections Party’s performance has been fantastic, it shows party is going to gain full majority in upcoming assembly poll in the state. He urged the people of Jharkhand to give the BJP two third majority.

Shri Shah said uptill now Congress destablised majority of the coalition governments. Congress had made an independent candidate as Chief Minister. What did that government does? A scam of Rs. 4000 crore, unearthed during that government and the money was deposited in foreign banks. That CM is behind the bars but did any one of his supporter is still in prison? Congress usually plays a dirty game.

Shri Shah said Jharkhand is mineral rich state. It has minerals like coal, iron ore, bauxite and other natural resources. It’s a richest state but its people are poor. To remove the discrimination then NDA government carved out Jharkhand from Bihar. Chhattisgarh which was formed simultaneously with Jharkhand, prospered and is counted among the developed state of the country while Jharkhand lagged far behind. It is because there is a majority government in Chhattisgarh.

BJP President said, from Jharkhand people went to different places for employment. They make other states rich. Then why Jharkhand cannot develop. In various states where there are BJP governments, people gets 24x7 electricity. I would like to ask you whether you are getting electricity 24x7? Is your village is connected to the roads. When someone is ill, is there any ambulance to take him to hospital? Is there any employment for youths? Are womens safe? Are there science, engineering and medical colleges in the district? To ensure all these facilities stop alliance politics. All BJP ruled states- Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Goa has these facilities. Give the BJP a full majority and deliver on party’s promise of development.

Referring to the Congress and its allies, Shah said, Congress, JMM, RJD, JD(U) are showing as if they are fighting the elections separately. But all these political parties are like drama artists. Like artists have different names on the stage, and when the drama finished artist goes to his/her original name. Just like this as soon as the elections are over, all these parties will again gang up to loot the state.

Shri Shah said Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is focused on providing electricity and water for all. If the government is formed of by these parties, people will be deprived of these facilities. And if the BJP comes to power, in the leadership of Modiji all promises would be fulfilled.

Unmasking the false claims of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, Shri Shah said, two days back ‘Rahul Baba’ came here. ‘Rahul Baba’ is very angry nowadays because the public did not vote his party even as an opposition. People have given the party only 44 seats. Rahul Baba asks us what we have done in five months. But I would ask him we have taken over only five months ago. Your family ruled for 60 years, what you have done, give the account to the public.

He said, Congress leaders have nothing to say today. In the leadership of Sonia-Manmohan big scams like 2G, Helicopter scam, Adarsh scam and coal block allocation came in the limelight. When the opportunity came to allocate the coal mines, Congressmen had assigned the mines to their relatives. Remember Subodh kant Sahay had written a letter to his nephew. Supreme Court rejected the allocations, now Narendra Modi government would allocate these mines. But we will not allocate to any brother or nephew. We will aution these mines and the person who will deposit the biggest amount in the state treasury would get the mines. The money will come from the auction of coal mines will be used for the development of Jharkhand. It is expected that from the auction Jharkhand would get approximately two and a half million crore rupees. It can be used for 10 years. Narendra Modi government has arranged ten year budget for Jharkhand. He said the Modi government has the responsibility of all round development of the state. So he appeal to the people of Jharkhand to give the BJP two third majority to strengthen the hands of Modiji.

AJSU President Sudesh Mahato and local MP Shri Bidyut Baran Mahato were also present on this occasion.

Earlier Shri Shah addressed a mass gathering at Adityapur football ground in Saraikela assembly area. He appealed to the people to make a stable and majority government in the state.

Shri Shah said Congress party is responsible for the political instability in Jharkhand. Due to the political instability state is lagging behind in development. Referring the scams of previous UPA government Shri Shah said, during the UPA regime corruption and inflation were at the peak.

Shri Shah said, Congress, JMM, RJD and JD(U) are the other side of the same coin. They are only pretending that they are fighting elections separately. After the elections all parties will join hands.

He promised all round development. He said Jharkhand will get the auction money of coal and this money will be spend for the development of Jharkhand.

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