Salient Points of Speech by Shri Amit Shah at Jammu & Kashmir

Salient features of Bhartiya Janta Party President Shri Amit Shah’s Election rallies at Ramban and Banihal

BJP's national President Shri Amit Shah addressed two large Public meetings at Ramban and Banihal in Jammu-Kashmir on Thursday. On this occasion Shri Shah asked the people of Jammu-Kashmir to vote for the formation of Nationalist government in the upcoming Assembly elections. The public in J&K is with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's development plank and want to get rid of the dynastic parties rule and corruption. The dynastic rule has also perpetuated corruption, nepotism and mal-administration.

Addressing a election rally at Ramlila Maidan in Ramban, Shri Shah said that after 30 years, the country has a government withfull majority and Narendra Modi is a leader who could be trusted . Jammu-Kashmir will also see the change in 2014. BJP's 44-plus election agenda for the state will be realised during the assembly polls.

While reminding the public the mismule of National conference and PDP, Shri Shah accused two families of keeping J&K backward and under developed. Does the people of Jammu-Kashmir are getting electricity 24x7? Does they are getting water. Today many States in the Country are getting electricity and water 24 hours than why not Jammu-kashmir? Jammu-Kashmir youth today are forced to wander in search of employmemt. Both the families are responsible for such a situation.

While indicating the scams of NC and PDP, Shri Shah said, if the scams by both the first families inquired, then they will proved to be the biggest scams of the country. If BJP comes to power, it will inquire the all scams.

The biggest grant from the Centre comes to Kashmir. Where does the money go? These two families have siphoned off the money. They exploited it for their own gains. They have splurged it in building palatial family homes and foreign junkets while the common people are suffering.

Compare the abysmal infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir to the States run by the BJP. We have provided 24-hour electricity, water, roads, hospital care, ambulances and education to the poorest of the poor. Other then that there are education ang employment opportunities. That is why peoples are electing BJP in different States for development.

While attacking the Congress Party, Shri Shah said Soniaji is demanding an account of our 5 months rule. First Congress has to give the account of 60 years. Shri Shah said we are ready to give an account to the people of every penny. Narendra Modi-led NDA government has brought down petrol prices many times during last five months and this has benifitted the comman men. Modi government is able to control the inflation in five months.

Shri Shah has explained the major programmes initiated by NDA government in the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in last five months and said government has started Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan yojna to open a bank account for the poor, make in India programme and Shramev Jayate. Besides this NDA government has raised the glory of India while giving the befitting reply to Pakistan.

Shri Shah pointed out the sucessful foreign visits of Prime Minister and said that earlier whenever Indian Prime Minister visited foreign countries there was hardly any discussion at all. But today Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi received warm welcome at USA, Japan and Australia.

Shri Shah appealed to the people to ensure the massive victory of BJP in coming assembly elections and requested to hand over the future of Jammu Kashmir in the hands of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. He assured the people of the State that after the formation of BJP government, complete development of Kashmir valley, Jammu and Laddakh will taken care of.

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