Salient Points : Speech by BJP National President, Shri Amit Shah Addressing BJP Kerala State Executive Meeting

Thursday, 23 June 2016

BJP National President Shri Amit Shah ji’s speech in the state executive meeting, Kerala. Modi Govt creates golden era in the History of the Country: Amit Shah

Narendra Modi Govt just concluded two years in the office by accepting applauses even from the political opponents. They couldn’t make any allegations against this govt. The period of the NDA govt will be decorated in the history of the country in golden letters. The nation got acceptance in the world. Modi govt enhanced the reputation of the country in the eyes of the world. The standing ovation he got when he addressed the US congress was awesome. This is the first time after the independence; the country got such a mesmerizing acceptance in the world scenario.
The second international yoga day was celebrated in 193 countries. The traditional Indian contribution to the humanity was taken to new heights by Narendra Modi. Because of the vibrant leadership of Modi the world realized that this century will be the century of India. This govt is known for its action. Narendra Modi has given the country a decisive government. It is a govt of compassion. The govt reacted very quickly whenever the country faced urgency.
In every 15 days the central govt launched a program for the up liftment of the poorer sections of the country. This created a new development era in the country. Within 200 days the govt implemented more than 180 schemes. If the workers of BJP could take this into the public nobody would challenge the BJP govt in the Centre for at least 25 years. The initiatives of the NDA govt have changed the outlook of the country. The Modi govt could control the fiscal deficit, inflation and price rise. After the independence , in 2015 alone the country gave 1, 30, 00,000 gas connections to the poor. This is an all-time high. The country witnessed highest coal production, ureaproduction under Modi govt. The making of NH is progressing in a record pace. The country’s software export touched the all-time height. India ‘s foreign currency reserve became the highest in the history. All these happened only because of the visionary leadership of Narendra Modi.
The NDA govt never took a step motherly attitude to Kerala. WE believe in good federal system. But this was not the situation at the time of UPA regime. From my experience I could say that the UPA govt ill-treated the state govts which are ruled by the opposition parties. The state govts.had been forced to approach court for getting the central fund released. This system was changed by NDA govt. In Kerala 5000cr were distributed to 830,411 unemployed youth under mudra scheme. The govt aim is to give 14 lakh loans to the youth.
In kerala our workers are attacked by CPM activist under the rule of LDF govt. This can’t be accepted. But we are against the policy of violence. We believe in judiciary and we will put an end to this. The whole party is with the workers of kerala. We will work together to make a strong BJP in Kerala. The workers should take up the challenge of spreading central govt schemes to the general public. The party is congratulating the workers of Kerala for the splendid performance in the last assembly elections. The entry in the assembly is not our goal. This should be the stepping stone for a complete victory in the 2021 assembly elections.

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